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Are cookbooks really the panacea for a food-illiterate society?

March 30, 2007

The most recent post from The Age’s food and lifestyle journo/blogger Paula Goodyer, “Who’s got control of your food?”, raises some interesting questions about the role of food manufacturers and food retailers in determining Australians’ eating habits.

‘Low food literacy’, she says, is the cause of our unhealthy food choices.  Our supermarket trolleys are laden with overpriced and highly processed convenience foods, rather than the fresh and nutritious ingredients needed to prepare meals ‘from scratch’.  True.  This phenomenon however, is reflective, and indeed symptomatic, of a general lack of knowledge surrounding the entire food chain – not just the pointy end where we buy and ingest our food. 

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the first thought…

March 15, 2007

This blog is about food: what we eat; where it comes from; and how we assimilate it into our bodies and lives.  

It is a celebration of the infinite and ingenious ways that human cultures have learned to turn bundles of carbohydrates and protein into nourishment for the body and soul.

But I hope it to also be a discussion on the social and environmental implications of our appetites. 

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